How to Get Featured on Opensea – Tried and Tested Method

How to Get Featured on Opensea
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Learn trusted hacks on how to get featured on Opensea!

OpenSea is a marketplace where anyone can sell their digital assets also known as NFTs (such as games, apps, eBooks, etc.) directly to other buyers. This means that you don’t have to go through a middleman or pay fees.

OpenSea has over 2 million registered users and over $1 billion worth of digital goods listed on its platform. The site also offers a referral program that rewards users who refer new members.

You can earn extra income from selling your digital goods on OpenSea. In this article, I’ll show you how to get featured on OpenSea and start earning revenue from your digital goods.

What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is a marketplace where anyone can sell their digital assets (Bitcoin, Ether, etc.) or even create a new token. The goal is to provide a secure place for buyers and sellers to meet.

OpenSea was founded in 2014 by two friends who wanted to build a better way to trade digital assets. They started out by creating a simple web site where they would allow people to easily exchange their digital assets. Since then, OpenSea has grown into a global community of over 200,000 members and continues to expand its services.

As an online marketplace where people can buy and sell items, you can list your product on Opensea in order to sell it directly to the customers who visit.

To get featured on OpenSea, you’ll need to submit your project to the Marketplace section. This is where you can upload your project, describe it, and add tags to help other users discover your project. Once approved, you’ll receive a link to share with your followers.

What can I do on OpenSea?

You can upload your artwork NFT to OpenSea and start selling it immediately. You can also create a profile, get followers and start getting paid for your work.

You will be able to see analytics about how many people have viewed your artworks or bought them after they have been shared on the website.

What are the requirements for being Featured on OpenSea?

Here are some of the requirements for being featured on OpenSea are:

  1. You must have a minimum of 5 followers on your account.
  2. You must have a minimum of 50 posts in the OpenSea community, which is the main area where you will be able to find trending content and other users’ personal posts.
  3. You must have a minimum of 500 views on your post.
  4. You must have at least one post that has a photo or video attached to it (please see our post guidelines for more information).
  5. You can only be featured once per month, so make sure you’re making quality content!

How to Get Featured On OpenSea: Tried & Tested Method

This guide will show you how to get featured on OpenSea by following some simple steps that anyone can follow. In this guide you will learn how to get featured on OpenSea by using some tested methods which have proven successful.

In order to increase your chances of getting featured on OpenSea, here is what you need:

Method One:

  1. First, you need to sign up for an account with Opensea. Once you’re in, check out the “Featured” tab on the left-hand side. Here you’ll find a list of all the users who have been featured in the last few months. Click the “Apply for Featured” button at the top of the page, and a message will pop up asking if you’d like to become a featured user. Click “Yes.”
  2. Now that your profile is set up, go back to the Featured section and click “Get Featured!” This will take you to another page where all of your information about yourself will be listed along with any other information the platform collected about you as well as some social media links and links to your portfolio pages. You can also include any images from your portfolio page with this application.
  3. Once everything looks good and ready for review—which could take anywhere from one day or even weeks depending on how often we update our database—you’ll receive an email telling us that we’ve approved your profile for public viewing.

If you don’t want to use the above listed method, you can use the alternative method below:

Method Two:

  1. The first step to getting featured on OpenSea is to upload your photo and post it to the platform.
  2. After you’ve uploaded your photo, you’ll need to add a caption that describes the photo in detail and makes it relatable for other users.
  3. When you’re done with this step, click the checkmark on the top left corner of the page and you’ll be able to submit your post.
  4. Once you’ve submitted your photo and caption, wait for about 24 hours for OpenSea’s team to review your submission for quality control purposes. During this time, you can check back on their website and see if they’ve responded with any feedback or questions about your post.
  5. If all goes well and your post is approved by OpenSea staff, you’ll see a notification appear on screen letting you know that they’ve added it to their site. You can then go back into “My Posts” section of OpenSea’s website and click on “Featured Photos” tab where all of their featured photos are located.

Make sure that your listing is filled with accurate details about your products (name, price, size). These details are very important so that the customer can find what he/she wants easily.

Method Three (Most Trusted Method):

This method is the shortest and yet seems to be the most trusted of all the methods.

Below are the things OpenSea instructed the creators to do as found on their Twitter handle:

  1. Setup your NFT on OpenSea marketplace
  2. Post the link to your Opensea NFT on Instagram or Twitter
  3. Tag Opensea official Twitter and Instagram page @Opensea
  4. Also, use the hashtag #OpenSeaNFT in your posts

Frequently Asked Questions on how to get featured on Opensea

How long will it take to get featured on OpenSea?

There is no one answer to this question as it can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the quality and originality of your work, how active you are on the site, and how well you promote your work. However, with a little patience and effort, it is certainly possible to get featured on OpenSea.

How do I know if I am Selected for a Featured Position on OpenSea?

If you are selected for a featured position on OpenSea, you will receive an email notification from the team.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you want to be featured on OpenSea, there is a tried and tested method that you can follow. First, make sure that your profile is complete and up to date. Next, write quality content that will resonate with other users.

Finally, promote your profile and NFTs using the social media platforms available to you. With a little effort, you can help OpenSea become the go-to destination for quality information and NFT products.

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